Sheffield Documentary Festival

I have just been to the Sheffield Documentary Festival for the world premiere of "Against the Tides".

I have spent the last two years working Stefan Stuckert and Damian Daniel, doing sound recording and drone footage as well as still images for the film.

The Documentary tracks Beth French as she attempts the Oceans 7 Challenge!

‘Oceans Seven’ consists of seven long-distance open-water swims across the most dangerous sea channels in the world. For extreme swimmers it’s the ultimate test — the equivalent of climbing the seven summits in mountaineering. Only six people have ever completed the challenge. 



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Photography classes

Microsoft Word - BASICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY.docxMicrosoft Word - BASICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY.docx

ENIGMA 10 Parishes exhibition

I am looking forward to a joint exhibition with my old friend and fantastic artist Simon Healy. The exhibition will take place at Enigma, Butts Way, Milverton and we are extremely grateful to Marian Lauder for the use of the space. I would like to welcome you to the private view (see below for details). Many thanks David.


Burgh Island Swim 2017

A fantastic swim around Burgh Island with over 200 swimmers very impressed by everyone in particular my wife Sally! Well done!!

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We camped at the far end of Noirmoutier in France at the beautiful small port of L'Herbaudière. I took this shot at sunrise down by the water.